On The Daily #71

The second technique I’d like to talk about in how to find your calm is going outside. For myself, I don’t do this one as much as I used to but I remember when I was younger, I’d do this one a lot and for a number of reasons. Firstly, I would do it because I grew up with nature surrounded by me. And so it was an easy escape from my worries. Secondly, nature is quite and peaceful. It seems no matter what it is, nature will soothe you and replace your stress with a new point of view. And lastly, like I just said, the outside is quite. When you first go out, it may seem like you’ll only be able to hear your own thoughts nonstop, but eventually it all fades away into nothingness.

I highly encourage you to do this if and whenever you can. Even when you’re feeling the slightest bit your worries or stress, go and try it.

Much love, Chloe


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