On The Daily #73

Let’s just jump into today’s post! The quiet can easily open the mind and relax it. We use it for when we have a headache, when we’re mad, when we’re sad, and it’s especially good for when you’re stressed or worried. Like I have said in the last couple of posts, the quiet can be good yet bad at the same time. Let me explain one last time, the quiet is bad at first because you’ll only be thinking of what’s happening at that specific moment. But as you go along and you sit in the quiet atmosphere longer, you begin to think less about what happened and more with a clear mind. This meaning that what happened won’t matter anymore, only what will happen in the near future will.

I hope this is making sense, and I know I keep bringing up the quietness, but I truly think it helps out everyone once in awhile.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tip and will come back tomorrow!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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