Writing Advice #4

For the next installment of my writing advice series, my next tip is to just put it all out on paper. Simple as that.

It seems that sometimes as writers, we may not know what to write next or where to even start. And so sometimes what I like to do is write down everything that is in my head. This process can be done anyway you want it as well. IF you just want to write down small blurbs all over your paper, then go right ahead and do that! Sometimes you’ll feel like doing that even more than writing in story form or in bullet points.

When I let go and let all of my writing out, it feels like 10 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders and what I did feels like successful writing. So if you’re having problems on how to write, just sit down with whatever writing device and let all of what you want to write out of your system. After that you can start piecing together a lot better on what it is that you want your story to be about. And if you want to continue on with your story, do that or tell whatever it is in your story what you want to happen next.

I hope this tip has helped you out somewhat, and if you’re interested in my other three tips, you can search them as writing advice. HAve a great day everyone!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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