On The Daily #80

Last Friday I said that if I finished the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, I would most likely do a review and I totally forgot about it! I’m sorry if that’s what you’ve been waiting for but here it is.

The Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why is about a high school girl named Hannah Baker who is constantly being pushed back by her peers in school. She thinks she knows one thing but then is flipped around, ending up embarrassed and bullied. She keeps on trying to go through high school like everyone else, but each time gets worse and worse for her. Once she had enough and thought she couldn’t go anywhere else, she did the one thing that would end all, suicide.

This show was great for a number of reasons. The first being if you’re a parent of a high schooler, you may think your child is an angel, but in reality they could be the school bully. And I think that’s a perfect segway for parents to be more involved with their child’s school life. I’m no parent by any means, this is just my opinion.

Secondly, this show was really good for showing multiple people’s perspective on the situations that happened to Hannah. Although I might not have agreed with a lot of their decisions, it was still nice to know how they saw it.

My last reason as to why this show was great, is that you don’t know what is going through people’s heads. You don’t know if they had a bad day and now what you did added onto that greatly. You don’t know what the tipping point is. And you don’t always know if someone is sad to the point of thinking about after life. You just don’t know. And that is why I promote such a positive life on here. I know I don’t have that many followers who keep up with me, but for the one person who stumbles on my posts, I want them to know that they’re loved and to have a constant happiness with them.

All in all this show was amazing and definitely recommend for teens and adults. For both it can really show and tell a lot.

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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