On The Daily #99

On today’s controversial topic, I’ll be talking about whether or not the mandela effect is real.

For a handful, they truly believe it’s real because there are so many others who believe the same. And if you don’t know what the mandela effect is, it’s when you remember something different than what it is now. For example, one of the most popular cases is the childhood books, The Berenstain Bears. Many believe that it used to be Berenstein, not Berenstain. Personally I don’t have an opinion because I never read those books. But what do you believe?

So now that you know a little about it (if you didn’t already), what do you think it really is? There are theories that it’s people from the future who time travel and when they come back, they change something, which changes something like The Berenstein Bears to The Berenstain Bears. In my opinion, I kind of believe it because in the far future, we would of have been able to create time travel, because it’s so far into the future. Right now we’re living in a past and we don’t even realize it. It’s scary and cool at the same time, but this could all be in our heads for all we know.

Definitely leave a comment down below on what you believe! I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe if you have any other mandela effects.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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