On The Daily #100

Now that I’ve eased into the controversial topics, today I’ll start getting deeper. Today’s will be whether or not you choose what gender you’re attracted to.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not in any way trying to shame or say what’s right. I am simply giving my own opinion and to make a fun and talkative post. And I’m sorry if I trigger anyway. So if you have any comments, please leave them down below!

With a lot of these controversial topics, many believe one thing and the other half believe in the other. Some think that you choose if you like boys or girls. But I think they get that mixed up with who they like. I think that you are born the way you’re meant to be, meaning your body knows what it wants. So when it comes time to getting to that “liking” stage, if you’re attracted to boys, then you’re attracted to boys. Some people may get lost though and become confused. I’m not sure why things like that happen, but they eventually come to a conclusion as to who they like and why. Hence, my point is that we naturally like who we like and no one can really change that. So we don’t “choose” what gender we like, we choose who we like. And I hope the ones who are lost, find their way to the beautiful ending of love 🙂

As always, much love ❤


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