On The Daily #101

As the week nears to an end, I have a few more popular controversial topics for you all. The one I’ll be talking about today is whether or not males and females have equal rights in today’s society.

To begin, a lot of men think it is right for women to not have as many rights as men do. If you disagree, then you’re not part of that group of men who believe so. These men who do believe that were most likely taught this growing up or they saw it while growing up. I can’t say much for those men, but I personally believe they’re a little “hard headed.”

Then there are a group of women and men who believe that women do not get both rights, which is right. Not all women are treated equally to men. And a majority of these people who want to change that are doing it so they can teach the young girls that they can be anything that they put their mind to.

Personally, I think that women should have equal rights, but there are some problems that we run into as a planet that are things from the past. The first one is that it has always been women and children always get the right away to any bad situation, and I believe that that’s one of the things that the men who don’t think women should have all equal rights think of. It’s been like this forever that women and children always go first. And so, men are to be there defending the base, as where women are supposed to guide the children and protect them. The second problem is that when women get rights, not all of them seem appealing, such as girls having to put into the draft. Once again, personally, I think that should be one of the first equal rights to be put into place. If you should be willing to one thing in the United States, it should be fighting for your country. Now, after that, there were a number of women upset by this, but it’s a start to get what they want and they don’t all see that.

As for myself, I have never in anyway felt the need to speak out about having equal rights. I grew up thinking since the world was changing so fast already, that I was just going to have to put my hardest work in because there are so many great people out there to compete with. I always thought that it was the people succeeding that I needed to caught up with. And it seems we’ve forgotten that aspect in this day and age.

Please leave your feedback in the comments down below!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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