Life Talk #18

Happy happy Friday ya’ll! I don’t know about the rest of you, but today went right by just like that. And thank the lord, because I think everyone needs it to be as well. I hope everyone’s week went well though. As for myself, I have some happy mail to share with you guys! So I had went on Etsy to order some Disney inspired clothing and I ordered a MU varsity jacket from the shop Speedyturtledesigns, and a couple of Oozma Kappa T Shirts from MagicalDayDesign. I haven’t received the shirts yet, but they’ll come tomorrow. As for the varsity jacket, it wasn’t for me but the one I got it for said it fit very nicely. Hopefully in one of the next few times we go to the parks, he’ll wear it and I can give you a mini review. In other happy mail, I had ordered a small outdoors bag from amazon and it is very nice if you’re into minimalism because you can compress the backpack down into a small case. The bag is called Outlander Packable. I ordered the 25 liter size I believe and it’s very nice if you want an easy way to carry your things while traveling. Another thing I ordered from amazon are two portable chargers. I wanted to get a little bit nicer ones and this was a steal! They were originally $49.99 and they are on sale for $16.99, and they’re on Amazon Prime! It’s such a steal if you’re looking for portable chargers. The brand is Anker Astro, definitely check them out if you’re in need. They’ll be arriving this afternoon, so I’ll do a review on them next week, as I may be going to Disney this Saturday.

Well, that’s all I have for you now. So have a wonderful weekend and have fun!!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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