On The Daily #103

The last controversial topic I have for you is abortions. For such a long time now, it has been debated back and forth.

Many believe that even if you are pregnant for just one day, it’s still a baby, a human inside of you. And you shouldn’t have the decision to take it’s life. Simply, because it’s not yours. I personally think you should be able to get an abortion. A lot of teen girls are definitely not ready to be mothers, even if they think they are. But a big thing for me is money. I don’t know much about having children, but one thing I know is that money is a big part of it. Even when you’re in the stages of being pregnant. Now a days there are so many appointments you have to make and those don’t come for free. So, to make matters a lot less painful for the girl, it would be better to have the abortion rather than keeping the child or even keeping it so you can put it in an adoption center. But I think things like that all come down to the way you think and your moral support around you. If you know you’re not ready and are completely fine with having an abortion, you can go ahead with it. But if you aren’t sure or don’t even think about it and have support who is willing to help you, you probably won’t even think about having one.

Like I said, I’m no parent, so I wouldn’t know. But if you are put in that situation, definitely think about ALL of the options. And for next time, REMEMBER the consequences.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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