On The Daily #124

Random thought of the day:

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that it’s acceptable to tell someone that someone else or who they are or what they do isn’t “socially acceptable.” To me, that’s pretty frustrating to hear in 2017. I know we all have opinions about what’s good and what’s bad, but to tell someone that they’re not socially acceptable in a world where things are always changing and new things keep coming, that almost seems socially unacceptable.

This past week, I’ve been doing some research on something that I thought I fit in. It was after a handful of videos where I stumbled upon a video where I woman said that a community of people were not socially acceptable. She put a very sour taste in my mouth and quite frankly seemed like someone who was self centered, but I’m not here to judge someone like that on the internet. What I am here is tell others that even though you’re different, you are you and no one, not even a woman yelling at a camera, can change that. We have to understand that not everyone is going to like you or what you do. And some may even be simple minded and not even think twice about it. But as it goes, that’s life.

Embrace who you are and only change for yourself, never for the thoughts of others. Some of the greatest people in the world believed in who they were and still had an impeccable impact.

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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