Life Talk #2

Hi everyone! As usual, I hope this week has been filled with fun and amazing things. As for myself, I can’t say anything bad considering it was a short week with the holiday. Mondays are always a nice day to get off 🙂

It seems that every week there’s another “bad” thing going on around the world. And it can seem pretty bad, but I just wish we all could spread more happiness rather than telling our opinion in a bad attitude. I know that sounds like I’m a hippie, haha! But I find it to be so true. Whenever we don’t like something, we tend to put it in a bad way out to the world. And, yes, I do get upset from time to time and take it to social media, but do we have to do it every time? In the past year, I have been trying my best to put out as much positivity as possible and I think it can help for the people who want it or need it. As usual, I don’t know if I’m making sense or getting to the point. But I hope I am.

So what’s everyone’s weekend plans? I’ll be shopping for a trip I’ll be taking next weekend and Pokemon hunting. Yes… I know, who’s still playing Pokemon Go? Well, I am and it’s still pretty fun. And now they have the second generation out and they’re so freaking cute!! Not to brag, but I have Pikachus evolutions, almost a Charizard, and only one away from all of Eevee’s evolutions. I find it fun because it makes you active and it gives you all these incentives as well! Even if you’re not into the game itself and what it means, like me, it’s still fun to catch em’ all 😉

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend and make the best of it!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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