Writing Advice #6

Welcome back my fellow writing lovers! We are on our sixth writing advice post, and do you know what that means? We’re already halfway through the year of 2017!! That’s so crazy to think that we’re already here, but I think that’s what getting older does to you 😉

This post will be about find your writing confidence. When I first started writing, my confidence to show others my writing was very low. I remember for my senior english class, we had to put the first page of our short story up in the hallways for everyone in the school to see. That was my first time ever writing seriously and I was so scared to let everyone read it. And even after that, I still was when I asked my english teacher to revise my entire story. Although, I am a very nervous and shy person to begin. But I think everyone can get nervous when someone else reads their writing. Even now when I had my third book published, I was still scared to see what people thought.

To overcome this, I like to make sure what I’m writing is good enough to me. Meaning, if I think it’s amazing, then someone else is bound to like it. And you shouldn’t even need someone else to like your writing. If you just be yourself and make you writing the best it can possibly be, then I’m sure others will come to love it as much as you do!

Writing can be tough for some, so if you’re in love with it and want to continue with it’s greatness, keep on going! I have faith and believe in you from the beginning pages to the very last word.

Keep on writing!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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