On The Daily #154

To start off this fun letter to letter story, I’ll be writing about the wild west and when they gold miners first started off! Now, I’m not going to be writing everything so specifically to that time, this is just for fun. I link a picture down below that inspired me to create this story line. Let’s begin.



My Dearest Anna,

It has only been three weeks but it feel much more like three months without you. I dream about you every night. I dream about the times we went to Ol’ Bear creek and laid out there for hours to watch the stars. Missing you is too sette, I long for you and your body.

The mines we’ve spotted out haven’t been much luck either. Boss says we should’ve hit somethin by now. And I don’t think we’ll get anything at the rate we’re going. The men here were hopefully once, but this last week has lost almost everyone’s motivation. I still have hope but I’m not sure how long that can last.

Anna, I can not wait to hold you in my arms again. I do apologize for not writing sooner, it’s been hectic out here. But do not think a day passes by and I don’t think about you. Remembering your sweet voice helps me fall asleep every night, as I hope you sleep well too, my darling.

Love, James  






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