Life Talk #26

Happy Friday friends! It seems it’s already Friday again, but the week did feel like forever as well. We’ll never get an in between, will we? 😉 It also seemed like this week had nothing much to it at all. I don’t keep up with everything in the outside world, but I don’t think too much happened. Which is good, especially where we’re all at now. But let’s not talk about any of that.

I do have some fun and good news for you… but that won’t come until Monday! It’s a little while but I think it’ll be worth it. Just for a sneak, it’s an update on where I’m at after finishing Paper Tiger.

So, any good plans this holiday weekend? For myself, I don’t have much planned other than hanging out at home. Yeah, it’s not much but I need to save money, haha! That doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on some great fireworks though. I’m not sure where I’ll be going, but nonetheless, I’m sure they’ll be good wherever I choose. Did you watch firework shows every year growing up? I grew up on a farm and we could see multiple firework shows every year. It was so much fun to live where no one else did and enjoy something for free. Now that I’m older and know about traffic, I took all those years for granted. It’s too bad, but I know that I still enjoyed them very much. Oh, also I plan on filming a few videos! I’m super excited for them because they’re different than what I’ve ever done before and plus, they’re just fun in general. So make sure to look out for them all this weekend. I may split it up here and there over a course of this week, but make sure to subscribe to my channel to see them first!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and spend it with purpose and with joy. There’s nothing more I like to see other than people having a great time with themselves, family, friends, etc.

Be safe, everyone!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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