Life Talk #29

Hi, friends! So here is a very shortened synopsis of this week for me. Monday I did the same as usual, with my blog and writing my new book. This goes for basically everyday this week as well… Except for Wednesday night, something bad happened but I don’t feel comfortable sharing that. Let’s just say I’m a lot happier in my mind than that night 🙂 Anyways, as you can tell, I have my weeks set up basically the same. I know it’s not the best because it’s good to have change, but how do I do that? I promise to myself at the beginning of each week that this one will be different, but they always end the same. Any suggestions??

As for this weekend, there’s nothing much going on because money, haha! But there is a project that I’d like to start and I’m so excited that I might just start it today. In this past year I’ve been looking for local shops that sell crystals and mineral because they’re known for their healing properties. And within the past couple of months I’ve found a couple of shops with decent prices! So far I have a collection of three crystals and two in bracelet form. Soon I might actually put a review of them on here. This leads me back to the project I’m starting and that’s a crystal/mineral journal. I’ve always liked this kind of stuff, so I thought making one myself would be even better. Not only would I have the time to do so but I think it’ll get my drawing creative side going better. Let’s just say I can’t wait for this journal!

As always, I hope all of you have a great weekend and spend it with love and happiness.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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