On The Daily #182

“If you were taking a pleasant walk and discovered a barrier of some kind in your path, you would probably just walk around it rather than knocking it down. That’s only logical, right? But right now, you may be facing a barrier of some kind in your work life, or with a goal. You are so determined to make something work in this case, though, that you are eager to barrel through this blockade just to get ahead. But take it slowly, Scorpio. This it through. You will move faster and with fewer drawbacks if you make the smart move.”

If you really know me, this can only be talking about two specific things. The first being my weight. I’ve talked about this so many times previously and how it’s been for myself. I’ve had quite a few setbacks. And I think that’s due to working on other things, trying to improve my writing, anxiety and other life things in general. The other is most definitely my writing itself and trying to get it noticed. I think I’ve done a good job so far with my blog but it’s my books that I wish got more light. This goes especially goes to my newest book, Paper Tiger. That book meant so much to me and I poured quite a bit out that I wouldn’t normally have. I guess it’s just really disappointing when you work hard and there’s not much feedback about it.

All in all, I think from my horoscope from today, I just have to keep on pushing myself until the results come.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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