Life Talk #30

Have you ever thought to yourself whether or not something is actually good or bad before? And I mean the things that are happening around us, not if the fifth slice of pizza will be good for you by tomorrow morning or not. What I mean are the serious things. For instance the things that happen in our country by our political leaders. Now I know your mind will go instantly to our current president, so we’ll talk about him. Have you ever taken a step back for a moment yet to analyze his decisions or have you instantly thought they were good or bad? For example, this week it was stated that transgender people were not allowed to join our armed forces due to the money. Once this hit social media, every other person either hated him or loved him. My personal thoughts on this aren’t with either because I do not know about the money costs for being a transgender and I do not know the U.S. military budget very either. And so it’s hard to choose a side when I’m not very knowledgeable on these topics. It would be hard to know the fact that you can’t join the military, but we have to see the bright side. If you can’t do something to better others and protect our nation, then focus on yourself. I don’t know much but I can kind of sense that transgender people would probably love it if they could spend the days bettering themselves and getting them to where they want to be. And if you can’t do one thing, try another. You can always go to other countries and help them. Let’s be honest, they need it a lot more than we do, that’s for sure. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, as this topic can be sensitive to others. But in the end, you should think about both sides before taking to social media what you think about something. Try to see the good and bad.

I hope everyone’s week was great! And I hope your weekend is even better 🙂 My weekend plans consist of not doing much once again, except going outside and enjoying what the world has to offer me. I hope you all can do the same too!

Remember that bad things have to happen before the good can come.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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