On The Daily #186

“Someone may soon come to you asking for a commitment, Scorpio. Whatever this commitment may be – romantic, platonic, business, and so on – you may not feel quite ready for it. But don’t let that feeling of hesitancy transform itself into a state of panic. You do not want to invoke the “fight or flight” response in yourself right now. Although you may not be quite ready yet, you will be soon. So it is wise to bide your time and stay calm.”

Now, I can relate to this so incredibly. It seems whenever someone does ask me to do something that will require a long amount of time, I tend to not want to take the opportunity. I think it’s because I get scared for what the outcome will be. My whole life I’ve been the one in class where I’m not the smart one and I’m usually picked last. And so I think my mind is telling me to not mess things up because I don’t want to embarrass myself like I used to.

Failure will always be there and I’m afraid of it big time. There were and are so many times that I keep on failing and I just don’t want it anymore. Like I always say, I’m trying and will keep on trying. Take this for what you will. I hope this gave you some sort of advice as well 🙂

Much love, Chloe ❤


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