On The Daily #187

“Some burden or responsibility you took on willingly may now be restricting your personal growth, along with sme very nice opportunities. You do have the choice to drop what you agreed to, but that might set you up for some less than positive. You will most likely want to fulfill your obligation, Scorpio, and that is what the stars encourage you to do. All that means is that you may be putting off something wonderful, but at the same time, you are paying your dues for future success.”

Well, I’m not quite sure what this one means… Except for one thing I guess, but I can’t you all what that special thing is yet. I for sure will on Monday because I think it’s a really nice thing in my life right now. Something for you all to think on is that it’s an animal! You can guess in the comments down below if you’d like 🙂

Other than this animal being brought into my life, I’m not sure what other burden or responsibility I have as of right now. It seems for the past seven months, life has been pretty easy on me with those types of things. But maybe this could mean something job wise. I did just start up a new book. And I guess I could turn back now but writing is my passion and this story I created has lured me in and I want to hang out with all these characters and in this world I created.

Since I can’t think of anything else, I’m going to go with my new book. I’ll thank the stars later when I get my first book award 😉

Much love, Chloe ❤


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