On The Daily #192

Do you like a fast pace life or a slowed down one? It seems in a fast paced there’s always, always something to do or that “needs” to get done. But a slowed paced life it mostly consists of living in the moment and cherishing it more and more each time.

For myself, I think I may live both of them?? I don’t know, it seems like when certain things happen, it all goes by quickly. Maybe that’s just life, haha! I guess I’m someone who when things need to get done, I want them done fast and when all the others I can enjoy thoroughly. Is there anyone else like that?

I think if I lived a fast paced life, I wouldn’t be as grateful with my surroundings, meaning I be as thankful for what’s here in front of me. But I do think that if I lived a slow paced life fully, I would miss some fun and exciting things as well… Hmm, it seems I can’t find any other middle. But I think I’m pretty happy where I am right now.

So, which one do you like, slow or fast?

Much love, Chloe ❤


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