Life Talk #31

If this week has taught me anything, it’s that even if good things are happening, there are bound to be 50 other “bad” things about to happen. Whether the bad things are small or large, they make the good things seem even smaller and you tend to forget about them. For example, yesterday I had a lot of repetition going on because I was taking care someone else, while trying to get some work done. The morning wasn’t too bad, it was the evening that made it all worse. In short, there were things all over the place and not in good condition. I mean, I should be glad there wasn’t more. But it was still so frustrating. To add on the mess, it has been pretty hot in southern California in the last week or so. Even in the mornings, it’s easier to break a sweat. And lastly, I had the biggest headache you could imagine, it may even could have been a migraine. That was there from the afternoon all the way to until 2 in the morning. All of this really, really sucked but I have to look on the brightside. I have someone else wonderful in my life now, I don’t need to worry about needing anything, and I can spend the days writing my dreams away. How many people can say they’re happy with everything (basically) in their life at the moment? A lot would probably say no or not as much as they’d like.

It sucks when you’re not where you want to be in life. Heck, I still am hoping and wishing someone else would buy my book and read it. That book has a lot of personal things in it and a great message. But it seems not many want to read or buy it. It sucks, but at least I could be able to write it. And that’s what I have to remember everyday, I can do things that others can’t. I’m not trying to say this narcissistically, I’m just saying that I’m grateful. Even though there are darker days than others, I HAVE to remember what I have, where I am, and who I’m surrounded by.

So how was your first week of August? And how will you spend the first weekend? I know I’ll be staying home relaxing and not caring about anything else in the world. Another thing that I come to cherish as I get older are relaxing weekends. It is fun to do things on the weekend but sometimes you’ve just gotta be in your pajamas all day and lay on the couch.

I hope you all had a really good week and that continues on to the weekend!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤


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