On The Daily #196

Hey, friends, I hope your weekend was nice and your Monday is going well! If any of you follow me specifically when I post, you’d know that posting this in the afternoon is not my usual thing. I figured I would try something different in my posting schedule and the afternoons seemed the best.

The reason for the change is because I haven’t been feeling quite motivated in the afternoon, which lead me to thinking, why is that? I’m most motivated in the mornings for a number of things, including it’s a new day, it’s the morning, I genuinely feel the most motivated at this time of day, and I get to write for all of you! As you can see, There are a handful of things that make me motivated in the mornings, so you can see why I wouldn’t be in the afternoons. I also really like to get as many things done as needed in the mornings so I can save some time for fun later.

Today is actually going pretty well with this new schedule, which I thought would be extremely hard, considering all of the things I just mentioned.

Nonetheless, I’ll leave it at here for this post and check back in next Monday! So, do you like me posting in the afternoon? Or do you like the morning posts better?

Much love, Chloe ❤


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