On The Daily #197

Have any of you really thought about what’s out there in the universe before? It’s unbelievable to think that there could be other planets just like ours and most likely some that are way ahead of our time as well. It makes me wonder if those other planets that are ahead of us have seen us. Do they know that humans can’t all get along with each other and what’s really necessary? Do they know that our planet is slowly dying off? Do they know the secrets the government keeps from the people?

What stirred up this thought was the recent movie, Phoenix Forgotten. I know the tapes from the movie weren’t real and some on but it makes you wonder, what happened to those three kids. They were tenagers going into the middle of the desert but there were so many other things that made the whole situation more suspicious. Not to mention what happened when everyone say those mysterious lights in the sky as well.

And that thought lead me to another, what if it were the government. By no means am I saying it was, I am just making a discussion and thinking of all the possibilities. Everyone said that were no traces of those kids, no where. And that’s kind of impossible because of all the types of researchers they would of had looking for them. They would have known if it were an animal or a person, or even if they got lost. Something would have showed up. And so, that only leads to a fews things; one, they wanted to run away, someone very good kidnapped them, the government took them because of something they saw and wanted to tell others, or there really are others out there.

On that note I’m going to end it here and you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to read the rest of my thoughts on the universe, aliens and all that jazz. Until then, stay happy!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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