Come and Write! Is Coming to a Close…

Hey, writing friends! The title is true and this series is ending as of today. This kind of sucks because it’s one of the last few things I have with writing stories on here but I think my reason is pretty good.

Since starting this series, I came into the mindset that I just wrote over 100 short stories for half a year and I’m out of this specific creativity that’s muchly needed. After writing so many different types of stories on my own, writing creativity like that didn’t come easy to me as it once did just a few months ago. Going into the new year I decided to write one short story a month and I really liked my first one but when I tried the second, it didn’t feel the same anymore. I didn’t have that fire brewing inside me with creative tales. That’s when I decided to the Come and Write series. It was definitely a fun thought but after a few, I noticed that no one took an interest and I was basically just posting nothing.

As a writer, I think we can get discouraged quite a bit. And so I think this was a big discouragement, not to mention that the 100 short stories I did write didn’t play an interest to anyone else.

I started this blog to enlighten others with fun stories but it’s turned around to telling you all my feelings, thoughts, and what I want to accomplish in life. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be shying away from writing creatively… I am in the beginning works of a new book 🙂

I apologize to anyone who did like these but I don’t think anyone did. So this Wednesday of the months will not have a second post anymore. Once again, I’m sorry.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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