On The Daily #198

There have been a number of cases where people remember being taken up into some sort of spacecraft and there were others working on them or simply remembering seeing them. I’ve heard that it’s mostly children and when they’re older, they start to remember this. To be honest, this isn’t so weird because we do the same things. And what I mean is taking something to experiment on it. Scientist do this all the time, whether it’s for good, bad, the better, what have it be. In most cases, it’s for science itself and making the world a better place. I think the most popular test subjects are animals but I think some or leaning towards other things. But for years it was animals, and I have a feeling it wasn’t nurturing the animal until it grew old. It’s the SAME exact thing, taking the subject out of it’s environment, testing on it, and either putting it back or it dying. It’s hard to wrap your finger around, but it happens everyday. Who knows, maybe alien abductions happen everyday to for all we know.

And so, have any of you really thought about what’s out there in the universe? Are you thinking about it now? I hope I’ve accomplished something and made you think about it. Learning more and more about the universe is great. In school they don’t tend to teach you much about where you live other than the basics, so it’s nice to know more as we grow and learn. Please comment down below and let the conversation grow!

Much love, Chloe ❤


2 thoughts on “On The Daily #198

  1. Whippoorwill says:

    Hi Chloe, always love to hear from you. But I get the feeling from your post on come and write that you’re getting discouraged.

    Maybe try looking at tags, appropriate tagging made a big difference to my visibility and traffic.

    Maybe on this post try replacing; Aliens Blog Blogger Blogger style Blogging with alien, abduction, UFO, stuff like that.

    You’re a wonderful blogger and your personality really shines through in your work. I’d love to see you get more interest, and I wonder if looking at tags and slugs could help you get the attention you deserve.

    Just an idea, I hope i’m not being a meddlesome pest.

    Much love to you too.

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