Life Talk #32

Crazy. That’s the one word I can use to describe this week. It’s been chaotic with the new thing in my life. It’s a good crazy but not at the same time, haha! I know that sounds very contradicting, but you’ll understand on one of next week’s posts.

Other than that, there were a couple of other exciting things. Yesterday we finally put up our white lights outside again. We tred previously inside and out but we ultimately wanted them outside, to which we failed because we didn’t have anything sturdy enough holding them up. And we didn’t want to do any damage to the property but we finally found some out door hooks to hands lights on. And it’s very beautiful with them strung up nicely.

Another great thing is something that I mentioned before and that’s my new camera for my YouTube videos. I’m so excited to use it! The first video may include something funny and spicey, so stay tuned for that! By the way, my channel name is Chloe Akemi.

Well, that’s about it for what happened this week. As for this weekend I am going to be doing a good ol’ deep clean of the house due to the new surprise I’ll be talking about next week. If you really know me, you’d know that I don’t like anything being dirty… So things just kind of suck because in the housing I’m living in, a lot of dust collects everyday and dirt is easily carried in as well, making the floors a mess. Let’s just stop at I don’t like being dirty or surrounded by it, and that’s why I’m doing a deep clean, haha!

And that’s about it of what my weekend plans include. Comment yours down below! Have a great and amazing weekend, everyone!!!

Much love, Chloe ❤

P.S. Check out my On The Daily #200 for a thank you to everyone!


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