On The Daily #203

As I’ve said many times in the past month, I’ve had a surprise to tell you all! Could any of your guess what it could be? If you follow me Instagram, you would really know what it is 😉 So, any more guesses?… I got a puppy!! If you’re a curious animal lover, like myself, here are all the details:

Type: Pomsky (Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix)

How Old: About five months

Is he small like a Pomeranian or big like a Husky?: He’s definitly not the size of a Husky and won’t ever be. He’s not small like a Pomeranian. He’s 14 pounds, so not that big, haha!

Name: Tiberius 🙂 I thought it was fitting since he has some Husky in him. And it’s even cuter because it’s such a big name for such a small dog.

Colors: The classic grey/silver and white Husky colors, but he also has the tiniest hint of light brown behind his ears and on the back of his hind legs. Such a freaking cute touch!!

Is he playful?: Very much, so much that he gets a little too excited from time to time and pees, haha!

Over all, he’s been doing very except for the potty training… For the first two weeks it was terrible, he would hardly even pee on the pee pad. But as I hoped and wished for, he has been very good and I think today will be his first day of not peeing, pooping, or even throwing up (he only threw up once but I think he ate something he wasn’t supposed to). Knock on wood!

He does have something going on with him, which makes me very upset at the company that we adopted him from. They told us it was something that was supposed to go away but it hasn’t. Don’t worry though, he’s had some test taken and sent to be looked at. Some happy thoughts would be greatly appreciated as well as hopes that this is nothing bad whatsoever.

Some more puppy post will probably be coming in the near future and if you want to keep up weekly, check out my Instagram and YouTube channel (both Chloe Akemi)!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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