Writing Advice #8

Perfect, it has to be absolutely perfect! I will NOT go on if I don’t have the right beginning, line, word, character speaking, anything. And if I can’t think of anything at the moment that I want to write out specifically, you better count me out of moving on.

Now, I think all of us frequent writers can say that we’ve been there and back multiple times, whether or not you write all the time or just in your spare time.

Having everything perfect used to be a big problem for me and to be honest, still is from time to time. That’s actually what I’m going through right now with the book I’m working on. For the past month I’ve been trying and trying to just start it instead of just outlining and more outlining. Although I finally started it and it felt great! The reason I was having so much trouble was because I want this book to be much better than my past projects, which I think everyone wants in their own goals as well. And so it was hard to figure out what would be a great way to start the book. After endless hours of just sitting and staring at a blank screen, I mustered up the courage to just start and nothing more. It only ended out in a couple of pages, but that’s way better than nothing at all. I never understood that quote fully, but now I do and it helps tremendously.

So, take a chance. Just go for it and don’t worry about everyone quite yet. That’s why there’s something called a first rough draft… and a second… and a third… and, well you get it 🙂

As someone who’s been writing fully for over a year, I know there’s so much more to learn and I am. That’s why I write these, because there’s always someone new and someone who was like me in the beginning. I also write these for myself. I remind myself that I forget what I’ve learned and it’s nice to come back to the basics and what makes me a good writer.

Keep on writing, I know you can do this!!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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