On The Daily #206

How many of you have a collection? It’s interesting to see what types of collections there are. We’ve obviously heard of the outrageous ones with huge collections of Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty, Elvis Presley, and so on and so forth.

As for myself, I’ve had a collection here and there. The one that’s been most relevant in my life is my snowglobe collection. I don’t have any of them with me due to limited space, but there are so many. The most kinds I have are Disney ones because like I’ve said many times before, Disney has always been there with me. A couple of my favorites is this lantern looking one that has a horse, a Winnie the Pooh birthday one, and a Lion King one as well. I feel like these ones are so special to me because they have some sort of big meaning to me, which happens for most people and their collections.

Another one I can think of is from a long time ago, and is was Neopet cards. I’m not sure if they were super popular, but I just knew that I loved them. I probably had 100’s and 100’s… But I kept them nicely in two HUGE binders. I never played the actual game but I really liked looking at the cards for some reason. I guess you could say this was my version on Pokemon. I think I had this collection for about eight years. I didn’t continue this collection because they stopped making and selling the cards but a couple years later they started up again. These cards were really different from the first cards, so I thought that’s why they stopped making and selling those ones as well. Nonetheless, this collection was another that made me really happy.

So, do you have any collections? So you want to start any? Comment it down below and let’s chat about it!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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