On The Daily #208

Are you ready for another puppy update?! Hehe, I know I literally just introduced him but I just wanted to talk a little bit more about him because who wouldn’t want to brag about a new pet?

So his potty training has gotten a lot better but his puppy bladder is still there. What I mean by this is whenever he get’s a little too excited, he tends to pee. Even sometimes after he went to the bathroom a bit before. It kind of sucks because of the clean up but I think I know his signs more now and can tell if he has to go. He’s also pooped once since the last time but that’s kind of my fault because I REALLY know when he has to go. He usually runs up and down the stairs a bunch, but I was having dinner so I couldn’t be bothered, haha!!

I knew having a puppy would be work but I think the biggest problem with this puppy is adopting a pet from a mall. Going there, it seemed like they didn’t really have any contact with people physically. They also just have to go to the bathroom just where they’re sitting. That’s what my biggest issue was with this mall pet store. There were a handful of workers and it seemed like hey really liked the animals but like I said they didn’t have any time face to face and learning to really love. So I guess a lesson learned is to try and buy from the breeder. It didn’t help either that he was there for about five months, so his brain was learning to do the things he saw there.

Next time I think I’ll buy from the breeder or from somewhere the workers at least let the animals outside, some face to face time, and let them not pee and poop where they sleep.

All in all, Tiberius has been better and better the more he’s with us and I can’t wait to grow up with him.

Much love, Chloe ❤


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