OTD #210 The Phoenix Lights!

Murders, missing persons, lizard people, remembering something that was never there. All these things actually have a lot more in common than you’d think. These are all, and many more, conspiracy theories. To start it off, I’ll talk the Phoenix aliens that I had mentioned once before not too long ago.

If you follow these post regularly, you basically know my thoughts, but I’ll explain it in short again. It was said by hundreds that they saw lights that looked like nothing they’d seen before. To follow up on that, the Air Force said those lights were “flares”… Yeah, if you’ve seen anything on the Phoenix lights, you would wonder a little too.

After this, three teens went missing. I’m not sure if there were any others, I only know about the specific three. And to be completely honest, it’s still so mind boggling as to how there were no signs of their whereabouts except for the vehicle.

As for the rest of these post this week, these are purely just opinions and opinions alone. I don’t know any truth to them and I wasn’t there for the Phoenix, so how would I know what happened to the kids or if the lights were lights or flares. Please treat these posts kindly and don’t take them too serious, but don’t be afraid to continue the conversation down below 🙂

Much love, Chloe ❤


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