OTD #211 Curious doesn’t have a tail?!?!

It’s been said that there are things that some people remember a certain way and some don’t remember them that way, AKA mandela effects. The most popular one and where it got it’s name is Nelson Mandela dying while he was in jail. There were and still so many people who thought Nelson Mandela died years ago while he was serving his sentence. It’s hard to think that that but he’s not the only one. Famous rappers, Biggie and Tupac are on the list as well as JonBenet Ramsey and Elvis Presley. These people aren’t for sure like Nelson, but there rumors that they’re seen all around. Some people even think JonBenet is Katy Perry.

I won’t go into depth with others but here are some of the most popular ones everyone has been talking about lately.

The line, “Luke, I am your Father.” from the movie Star Wars is actually, “No, I am your father.”

Some think the peanut butter brand JIF used to be Jiffy.

In the song We are the Champions, at the end some believe that sang, “We are the champions of the world.” When in fact it is just, “We are the champion.”

The famous Froot Loops cereal is actually Fruit loops.

Some people think the Monopoly man had monocle when he actually doesn’t have one.

Curious George does NOT have a tale.

Is it Kit-Kat or Kit Kat? Spoiler, it’s Kit Kat.

Hannibal Lecter says, “Good morning.” Not, “Hello Clarice.”

The evil queen in the Disney animated film says, “Mirror mirror on the wall.” Not, “Magic mirror on the wall.”

I hope you enjoyed these and tell me what you think they are! I’m just saying Curious George has a tail 😉

Much love, Chloe ❤


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