OTD #213 Lizard… people???

Human and lizard… lizard people. They’re in books and movies but do they really exist and walk among us?

As I learn more conspiracy theories, they get crazier and I have to admit that this one is in the top five weirdest, haha!

The biggest celebrity that’s known for this is Justin Bieber. If you just search “Justin Bieber Lizard,” in the images section, there will be tons of pictures that’ll pop up showing you exactly why people think this.

The reason why people think this is so is because of the way their eyes act. Our human eyes don’t really move or make different shapes other than our pupils from light. But it’s been spotted numerous times that his eyes move in and out just like a reptile’s does. If you’re not sure how, just search it. I don’t think I’d be good explaining it, haha!

So what do you think? Are there lizard people or are we just crazy?

Much love, Chloe ❤


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