Life Talk #34

Hey, friends! I’m super sorry this post is coming to you so late… I sort of forgot to write it today. Thus, I’ll explain why all my other posts have basically been messed up with the schedule as well.

The reason half of my posts this week have been really late is because I’m on “vacation” and have been doing thing to destress and get ready for family stuff next week. I could keep on going and give you a list a mile long as to why I couldn’t have posted at the times I’m supposed to but there shouldn’t be an excuse for something that’s my job and that I have a passion for. All in all, I’m really sorry for the late night posting and not being as connected to my blog.

Oh and my schedule for my book review post was supposed to go up next week but I think earlier this week I thought it was the other way around. And so, this upcoming Monday will have a writing advice post. Promises!!

How was everyone’s week so far? I know mine was really nice but filled with minor stressing that’s all in my head. Oh, did anyone see the eclipse? I live in southern Cali, so you couldn’t really see anything but I heard in some other places you could really see it and it was like it was night already. That’s so crazy! It would have been really cool to see it in person. It’s also really funny to see the reaction of some people who don’t find the eclipse interesting. It’s like they’re super salty, haha!

Well, I should end this post here and get it up for you all. Once again, I’m so sorry for the late posting and hiccups. Hopefully I do a lot better job this week.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and enjoy those around you!

As always, much love, Chloe ❤

P.S. Did you like my conspiracy theory posts? Were they fun? Did you like the new pics for the topic? Let me know!!


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