Life Talk #35

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope it’s going well and that your week has been fun as well. Those of you who read last week’s post, you’d know that I went on a week long vacation with family and it was lots of fun, fun and more fun! So let’s hop into it 🙂

Saturday included a sad beginning with dropping my puppy off at a Petsmart for the rest of the week, but he was in great hands and was such a good puppy while he was there. Then I went on my way to the Paradise hotel in Anaheim, which was great! I was staying with my parents, my sister, brother in law and my little nephew. So the rooms were all connected with was pretty neat. Although the pull out couch was a bit hard but nonetheless it was still nice considering it was air conditioned. After getting settled in the hotel, we were off to a family get together.

On Sunday was a Dodgers vs. Brewers baseball game. The stadium was packed to the brim of Dodgers fans, but in the end the Brewers won. You can always count on those Wisconsinites 😉

The following day, Monday, started off our Disney adventures with Disneyland! Oh, we also had breakfast with the characters and that was amazing as well 🙂 I can’t say how many times I’ve talked about Disney but in short, I LOVE it! The days were super hot but the fun rides and cute Disney esc scenery were definitely worth the hotness. Since it was a vacation with family, I thought it was a good reason to buy a bunch of stuff. One of the things I wanted the most since my last visit were pins, and that’s exactly what I got. I almost filled up my entire lanyard, haha!

On Tuesday, we went to California Adventure and that was pretty fun as well. I think one of my favorite things from that day was seeing World of Color. I had seen it once before but I couldn’t really remember much of it and I’m so glad I got to see it again. It was so freaking beautiful! I definitely recommend it if you get the chance to go.

Wednesday was another fun filled day with Universal Studios. Although it was very hot once again but fun was awaiting us. Harry Potter World was probably my favorite. Of course I had to get a wand because I’m just a magical person 🙂 If you’d like to see what my wand looks like, you’ll have to follow my instagram page for all the fun and magical pictures. Another favorite part was of course the food and that was a giant pink frosted donut from the Simpsons part of the park.

To end our vacation, left family and the hotel to pick up my puppy, Tiberius. He was so excited and cute as a puppy would be. I felt bad for leaving him for so long I got him a squeaky iconic Mickey Mouse ice cream toy. So far he loves it!

As of now, I’m getting ready for a holiday weekend and writing another six posts as well as editing and hopefully uploading some videos.

I hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe!

All good thoughts are going to Houston 🙂

As always, much love, Chloe ❤  


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