OTD #221 Mornings can be rough

The smell of maple syrup is running through the air. You stretch to the wonderful sound a bluejay chirping away. You finally get up, open your eyes and think how you’re going to start your day off this time… Don’t we all wish it could be like that every morning?

It’s hard to have such positive thoughts in the morning when all you really want is to sleep for another hour or two.

I’ve found it a lot more easy to wake up with a happy mind when you do things that will make you happy, obviously. What I mean is to not do the same routine you’ve been doing for the past two years because it just works. Instead of waking up to the same alarm, make it different, maybe even a song you like. Choose a healthy drink that’ll cheer you up, but always make sure to have some water. And always try to have some sort of routine at night and in the morning that’ll make your body love the morning as much as it loves sleep. It’s key to have your body well first before anything that’s “mainstream.”

The reason I’m writing it out like this is because I want to look back and read it in a way that’s like someone else is saying it to me rather than me saying it to myself constantly. Fingers crossed it works!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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