OTD #233 It’s ONLY Wednesday…

Guys, it’s only Wednesday… The weeks usually fly by but this one is going by so slowly and I think this day might go slow as well, but so far it’s been going by kind of fast. Haha, I literally just contradicted myself. I always do that 🙂

This morning I tested out some makeup for upcoming events and it sort of went well, haha! I used the same things I normally would have used except a few items but I tried something new… lashes. I previously tried them out but they were small individual ones. They didn’t really work out but then again I’m pretty sure I didn’t even do it right. Last night I got really cheap ones and it might have been that, but I didn’t really like them and I kind of like the way my lashes looked without them. Overall, I don’t think the fake lashes are for me but one day I might want to do eyelash extensions.

I actually wanted to leave off from here and begin where I left off tomorrow. It’ll be something different and how my experience went. If you were here in late February/early March, you might know what I’ll be talking about 😉 Until then, have a nice rest of your day!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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