OTD#234 No makeup for 7 months?!

They say it’s a necessity. You can’t go out without some mascara or your eyebrows at least filled in a little bit. But what if we took that all away. What if no one wore makeup and flaunted around like they still owned it? In the past seven months I played around with not wearing makeup. So, here’s my story 🙂

I decided to not wear makeup because I didn’t like the way my eyes looked when my mascara didn’t wash away completely, I wanted my lashes to grow long and overall I wanted to feel confident without wanting to need something.I first started out strong and didn’t wear anything! As the months went on, I started to notice that you could see the veins in my eye lids a lot more than usual, so I fell back in and bought a small pot of eyeshadow cream base that was closest to my skin color. It worked for me for a little bit but the darkness started to go away and I just didn’t want to use it on my skin anymore and  I didn’t want to use the cream, which I loved! While using that, I used a clear eyebrow and eyelash mascara. Like I said, I really like my brows and lashes the most, but I didn’t think it was helping me in the ways I really wanted them to. After that there wasn’t anything too big, just a couple lip tints/plumpers. The reason I got these two items it because I wanted my lips to appear bigger but have whatever it is on them help. I struggled to find a good lip tint but I did find an easy and simple lip plumping gloss. Now I’m not the biggest lip gloss person, so I use it sparingly. If you guys have any suggestions on a good lip tint that’s also a lip balm, please comment down below!

Since I didn’t want to cloud my face with makeup anymore, I found solutions to my “problems.” To help with my brows, I just trimmed them a certain way to help them look more full. My eyelashes have grown back so much and it’s great! As for my lips, I don’t need anything and I love them, I just like adding some stuff here and there 😉

Overall, I think the people who use makeup could definitely go without it and should try cleansing their skin for a week or at least a few days. It’s nice to feel pretty but it’s even better to feel pretty without a materialistic item.

Never feel the need to NEED makeup on. You are beautiful inside and out!

Much love, Chloe ❤


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