Life Talk #38

  1. Can you guess why this number is so special? I’ll let you think about it until the end of this post, but if you know, comment it down below!

Hiya, everyone! It’s Friday and I’m so glad. First, I’m glad because it’s the weekend, duh and two, my puppy had an oopsies last night as well as throwing up on the carpet. I woke up to the smell of really bad throw up and knew it had to be him because before that he was a bad pup. For the past couple of weeks we’ve left him out of his crate while we sleep and while we’re out, and he was doing extremely well. He was doing fine until last night when we did our weekly grocery shopping. When we came back, he got a hold of his collar, expandable lesh, and chewed up the carpet… I think besides peeing and pooping everywhere, that’s every dog owner’s nightmare. Of course he was going to have diarrhea and throw up after eating so much non edible food. It sucks for us because we have to buy new things, clean A LOT and rebuilding the trust. But I also feel bad for him because I think he’s still in his teething stage, even though he has plenty of toys and after he’s done doing these things, he has bad diarrhea. Don’t worry, if it keeps up, I’ll make sure he get’s a check up. Anyways, I ordered a good carpet stain remover from Amazon that’ll come Sunday.

Well, that took a while to explain why I’m glad it’s the weekend.

This week has been more planning for my future Etsy shop and my book 🙂 I’ve also been filming, editing and uploading a lot more this week on my YouTube channel, which is Chloe Akemi. I’ve finally been figuring out more video ideas and I can’t wait for the month of October and November since I have fun videos coming, I can’t wait for you all to see them!!

As for this weekend, it’ll be a nice couple days of movie marathons and enjoying the fall weather… until Monday. After this weekend it’s going right back up to the 80’s. I don’t mind because that means more tanning time for me! What you? Do you have any fun fall activities going on? Hot chocolate better be on the list 😉

So, did you guess what 14 is?… We only have 14 more Life Talks left until the new year, isn’t that crazy?! Before we know it, it’ll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Time is flying in 2017.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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