OTD #245 Motivation Monday: Body Confidence

Let’s have this day be Motivation Monday. First I’ll tell you all the good motivation and then you have to go on and apply it to yourself, sound like a deal? Let’s get started!

It’s come to almost everyone’s attention that there are chunky people out there and it’s okay to be one of them. And I think it’s great that the industries are finally starting to realize that there are going to be bigger people. I personally think it’s nice because it’s helping those companies as well and it overall makes customers happier to shop there. Being inclusive has been one of the best decisions someone can make.

Though there has been controversy because something similar has happened in the past, and that’s anorexia. Now, these two are completely different yet they’re the same. They’re different in how they affect your body but the same because it’s not healthy whatsoever. I don’t care what you want to say, it’s cold hard facts that being underweight and being overweight are BOTH not healthy for anyone.

Let’s get into what’s extreme now. Of course if it’s affecting you in anyway, you’re probably in need of some help to fix it, but not all are terrible. Say your weight is 30 pounds over. You don’t need to worry but you should watch what you’re eating and get some more outside time. This goes for the other way around. Now, I’m in no means trained in this but for someone who’s overweight, I know what it feels like. As for underweight, I can’t say the same but it’s probably around the same area just a different type. I won’t go too much more into this but overall, if you’re under or over the average weight your body should be at, you should definitely try to work at it and that’s that. (This is all going based over the average weight your body should be at, whether that’s the lowest or highest.)

Getting to love and feel comfortable in your body is what I really wanted to get into today, so let’s do it 🙂

For being someone who has basically been overweight my whole life, I know how hard it is to lose weight when you aren’t always strict. It’s so hard but if you really put your mind to your true goal, you can basically do anything. But during that process you still have to feel comfortable in that temple of yours. Once again, I know it’s really hard and heck, I’m still trying to figure it all out, but trying is better than nothing. Something that could help is finding what you’re most comfortable with and finding out why. Why does it make you want to not show it or even look at it in your own personal time? Find the reason and dismiss it. Something that I’ve always been insecure about is my big ol’ belly. Lie most people, I found ways to get over it. The first was making myself comfortable when wearing clothes and without. We can all have different opinions about what’s being confident, so here’s mine: if you feel confident in a crop top and leggings, go for it. It’s just not my cup of tea when I know others can see the line of my stomach. But as long as you’re comfortable, be you and do it! Just don’t go walking around all commando, unless it’s allowed, haha!

I hope this little speal came across helpful and maybe you can start this 🙂 I know confidence in your body is so hard to gain, but go little by little. Don’t force yourself to do all these things at once. Ease your way in and once that’s done, being comfortable should be waiting for you around the corner.

As always, much love,

Chloe ❤


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