OTD #247 Man’s best friend

Isn’t it strange how much of a connection we can have with an animal? Since having a pet of my very own, I’ve realized the saying, “dog is man’s best friend” is so true, but not just with dogs. When you look at others and their pets, whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, bird, chicken, snake, whatever it may be, you can see a loving connection that’s undeniable.

My puppy, Tiberius and I have made such a big connection over these past few months that if something happened to him, I’d be completely devastated. It was strange at first because I didn’t think I’d ever be so close to him because at first things were so frustrating. The way his conditions were before, it was set in his mind to be like that, but soon enough he learned and not too long after that one night I let him stay out of his crate and slept downstairs with him… and from there on out, we’ve been best friends since!

If you have a pet of your own, tell me all about them, even if it’s a lizard!

Much love,

Chloe ❤  


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