OTD #248 Adventure in the great wide somewhere

Do you ever want to just run away and never come back? I don’t mean this in a dark way, rather that sometimes I get tired of living the everyday life. Sometimes I want it to be like the movies, run away to someplace new and have a fresh start. I mean I guess I kind of already did that but where I live is a big place. I want it to be like the book/movie, Bridge to Terabithia. I know I can’t magically enter another world, even though that would be amazing and all my dreams would come true. But I want to escape somewhere where there’s no one except for what the wildlife has to offer. Belle said it best, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. It seems the world has this ideal life set out for us and we’re supposed to actually follow it and live up the expectations, but that’s not for me. It seems the average life (in America) is go to college, work hard, eventually get the dream job, be successful, find a partner, create a family, take family vacations and live like everyone else. Why aren’t we told that taking a spontaneous trip a few hours away is fine when it’s completely out of our agenda? To be completely honest, sometimes I want to be like a minimalist and live out of a car for a week. After that I want to feel like royalty, dress up and not be thinking about whatever everyone else around me thinks about it.

It’s hard to actually get yourself to do these things, but it should be necessary to do it at least once in awhile. Until it comes, I’ll definitely be fantasizing what to do on the adventure.

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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