OTD #260 Just do it (not a Shia Labeouf reference, if that’s what you were thinking)

Happy Tuesday friends!

Have you ever just did something just because and because why not? Well, I did that this past week. I bought a can of paint and painted basically all of my furniture items with the exception of my couch… I know it’s a little excessive but I wanted to change the way my home looked. Dark furniture is so common and pretty cheap, thus my entire living room was filled with dark furniture. Changing the color has made everything seem so much better already! The color I picked was a very very light blue. I originally Wanted to have a rustic feel but I wasn’t sure how to go about it, as I didn’t want to buy all new furniture (although that would have been nice) and I didn’t want to mess up the furniture itself. So I went it the next best option and that was paint them a happy color. I’ve always wanted another color to be my favorite, like a lilac purple or a pastel pink, but I always find my way back to blue. Isn’t that crazy? I think I’ve been painting too much… 😉

To sum this all up, I just went and did something that I’ve never done before and it wasn’t too bad to be honest. I know it’s just painting but it was fun and helped me in a way that’s just a good feeling.

Okay, I’ve definitely been painting too long, I don’t think I’m making any sense! But if you know what I mean, take the advice 🙂

Have an amazing rest of your Tuesday!

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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