OTD #261 Miraculous Gems is open!!!

I’m so happy I’m finally able to say this… My Etsy shop, Miraculous Gems is now open and ready for business!!! I guess I’ll start off by telling you what my shop consists of and why I have those items 🙂

To begin, I’ve had a special place for believing in magic since I can remember. It went all the way from Disney to animals to the wizarding world and through far away kingdoms. And ever since my freshmen year of high school, I wanted and knew I was going to make something of my own to give to others. Through the years I’ve contemplated what I wanted; shirts, stationery, stickers, etc. It wasn’t up until recently when I thought about it again and really got to work on it. My first three products are ones that my child self would have loved. The first one is a unicorn horn wand. I love this because that’s the most iconic symbol for magic and everyone deserves to have a wand in their lives. The second are unicorn horn keychains, which is another personal item for me since I used to collect keychains and still do so! And lastly are the mermaid compact mirrors. Like most children, dreaming of becoming a mermaid has been a forever dream… I mean who wouldn’t want to check their luscious hair while at mermaid lagoon, and what a better way than with a compact mirror that’s designed for your style and can be in your seaweed satchel!

Overall, I think these first three items are great for starting your own magical collection and can bring a smile to your face. And who knows, maybe they’ll even have a special place in your heart as well 🙂

I’ll have the link to my shop at the end of this as well as my insta page to keep up with the new products. I hope you check them out and if you do, tell me what you think of them!!

As always, much love,

Chloe ❤


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