OTD #262 Who’s active on YouTube?

Since YouTube is getting much more popular with every passing day, I was wondering if you have your own account and go on often. If so, what kind of videos do you like? I like all sorts, from gaming, GRWM’s, DIY’s, music related, top 10’s, unboxing, ALL SORTS! So, what do you like? Since I like watching so many different kinds, I like to make all different kinds. Thus I’d feel comfortable trying different things to see what I’d really like to create. And since I do have somewhat of an audience on here, I’d like to know what you like 🙂

Please feel free to comment down below! HAve a great rest of your Thursday 😉

Much love,

Chloe ❤


2 thoughts on “OTD #262 Who’s active on YouTube?

  1. andikubichek says:

    I love YouTube! I watch so much. Pretty much anything that is beauty related catches my eye but also I am obsessed with vloggers like the faze crew, David dobrik crew, and the Paul brothers. Other miscellaneous things will pop up such as talk shows or music related or vogue. I love YouTube, there is always new content being produced and you never have to worry about having nothing to watch!

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