OTD #274 Is the ouija board real???

What are your thoughts on ouija boards? Do you think they’re real, a scam or the right people have to use them?

I personally think they’re real but the right people have to use them. If you go to YouTube and search ouija board, lots and lots of videos will pop up of their experience, and most of them are the same. A lot of people regret using them, as not the best of things happen to them afterwards. For myself, I’ve delved into them a number of times and nothing has EVER happened. I know it can be bad to go into something this wishing something would happen, but I don’t want any bad spirits coming into my life. I simply always go into it wanting nothing but a conversation who wants their story told to someone. Furthermore, I’ve tried this one board multiple times and in different areas, a couple of them mysterious feeling too. Thus, this is why I think the board only works with certain people. Moreorless, ones who are more intune with the spirit world and what that has to offer.

So has your opinion changed or are you still stuck on that it isn’t real? Please tell me below 🙂

Stay spooky, friends!

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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