OTD #277 Is there and overload of pumpkin things?

Pumpkin flavored anything is a must for everyone during the months of October and November. If you go out, you’ll most likely see something pumpkin spice or just plain ol’ pumpkin flavored or scented. So what are your thoughts on the overwhelming amount of pumpkin stuff? I personally don’t mind it because it’s much different than just see flowers everyday. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are cool and all, but I feel like other than the few months out of the year, we don’t really get to see anything else different than flowers. So it’s really fun to see all the different pumpkin themed things during this short time.

This year I carved a pumpkin for the first time in a several years. I did a really cute jack-o’-lantern with a star and a moon as it’s eyes and the fun smile with two teeth. And Zach did a Yat Yas one (just google yat yas, haha!). Oh, and of course we got our puppy, Tiberius a puppy set and put them into an adorable small white pumpkin. If you want to see them, check out my instagram at chloeakemi!

So, what are your thoughts? I personally like pumpkin flavored things and really like carving pumpkins as well 🙂

Much love,

Chleo ❤


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