OTD #282 November is here, everyone!

Happy November 1st! I know most people go right into Christmas and winter decorations, but what about the rest of fall itself?? It seems like everyone likes to skip over one of the best months out of the year… Well, not me. And I’m not saying November is my favorite month because it’s when my birthday is either. November is the pivotal month of everything fall. The end of September kind of is but not really and October is Halloween everything, so November should only be directed towards fall things, right? Besides, winter is such a long time of the year, so why not enjoy the fall beauty?

Anyways, I just thought I’d tell you why I love November so much 🙂 If you live November, tell me in the comments section, or if you don’t like November, tell me why. Nonetheless, I’d love the hear what your thoughts are!

Have an amazing 1st day of November and bring happiness and love into your life!

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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