OTD #303 Thankful for Lot’s: Everything will be okay

It’s Wednesday my dudes… Anyone get the meme?… It’s fine if don’t, haha! Anyways, let’s get into this.

The third thing I’m thankful for is knowing that everything will be okay. This will tie into tomorrow’s post but I wanted to get into this one and show more positive thoughts before the massive one comes (you’ll understand tomorrow).

For a while in my life I’ve had a lot of stones thrown at me and it was incredibly hard to get back up from them but after I’d collect myself, I reassured myself that everything would be okay. It’s so hard to keep telling yourself that everything will be okay and I feel like most people need someone else in their life to tell them this. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad but there aren’t many people in my life who try to make an effort to talk me through things. I know I’m shy and seclude myself but maybe pointing me in the right direction wouldn’t be bad… Nonetheless, those times were in the past and now all I do is tell myself that everything WILL be OKAY, even if it lasts for a week or two, it’ll pass and you’ll be grateful you didn’t do anything too damaging. Like I said before, you’ll get this a lot better when tomorrow’s post comes.

And I’ll tell you that everything will be okay. You are amazing and great and the world just wouldn’t be the same without you. Just because you aren’t a celebrity, doesn’t mean no one doesn’t care about you.

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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