OTD #309 The nerves are creeping up!

Alright… so I have this thing I have to tell select people something that’s really important to me, and I’m getting more and more nervous. Any tips for not being incredibly nervous?? Because I could really use them at the moment. To be honest, I could tell them later, which I might because it is avoidable but I’m just not sure what to do. And it’s not a guilt thing at all where I just want to get it off my chest. I just think they’re either going to love it or hate it type of thing. Regardless if I tell them now or later, I’ll still have the same reasoning. I’m the kind of person who likes a lot of space from basically everyone except for a few, so that’s what’s stopping me from telling. I don’t want everyone to explode and ask me a million and one questions and make me feel bad or dumb. I know it’s family that matters the most in telling and I guess that’s why it’s a big deal for me. You can only get away for so long before it all has to come back again.

Okay, I’m done being all in my head, haha! But really, give me some advice, I could really use some right now 🙂

Much love,

Chloe ❤


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